Within Saeta’s ambitious investment plan for 2019, retrofitting our M1600, the largest machine in our die-casting fleet, has been a technological and investment challenge.

What is “retrofitting”?

In an industry like ours, modernising, maintaining and updating our production methods is a very important part of the company’s investment actions.

Aluminium die-casting machines must be updated every few years so they can continue to work to their full potential at full capacity and increase their performance and manufacturing possibilities, reducing times and above all improving the quality and reliability of the die-cast parts. This process of updating is what is known as retrofitting.

Retrofitting a machine with these features involves replacing certain essential parts, resulting in a machine with leading brand features and systems using the latest technology.

Is it easy?

The retrofit operation in our M1600 has taken about 6 months of work. During this time, the machine was out of service for production, so coordination between customers, other machines, workload and order management was vital in properly managing the delivery of material so that there was no disruption to supply at any time. The retrofit can be regarded as an update to version 2.0 of the current machinery.

With this investment in retrofitting, Saeta is maintaining and improving the quality of its products and through modern machinery is able to provide the most advanced technology in aluminium die-cast parts alongside smooth delivery.


  • Greater die-casting control
  • New oil preheating system
  • New mechanical die-casting system
  • New security systems (physical and electrical safeguards)
  • Cutting-edge loader, robot and lubrication head
  • Desuperheaters…