We manage the whole productive value chain which allows us to provide our customers fully finished parts, ready to be integrated in the final product.

Since 2014 Saeta Die Casting incorporates Lean Manufacturing tools and philosophy in order to achieve  continuous improvement in processes and results.

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8 high pression cold chamber injection machines, including individual electric maintenance furnaces and fully automatized extraction and demolding robots.
With closing forces between 400Tm till 1600Tm, our injection machines allow us to manufacture a wide range of medium-large size parts.
We are specialists in small-medium batches thanks to our tooling quick change experience.  We can provide solutions covering your flexible needs.
Melting capacity up to 4500 Kg/h. No problem to work with different alloys at the same time.

Melting capacity

Aluminium Tons/year


Melting furnaces

Electric maintenance furnace in each manufacturing cell


Our machining capabilities include 8 CNC machining centers and a wide variety of auxiliary machining units in order to ensure the fulfilment of accuracy, efficiency and quality demanded in our products.

Cabecera Fundición



We are experts in the designs of trimming die tooling for cutting and shaping of the parts. This equipment improves uniformity and allows to achieve  dimensional requirements without the need of extra machining operations.


Specific surface treatments according to requirements and subsequent processes.

4 fine polishing chambers by abrasive vibration and 2 steel ball shot blasting facilities make possible to achieve a top quality surface finish.


Saeta Die Casting manages any other requested special finishing operations (coating, polishing, etc.), with full warranty in quality and final results.