Saeta Die Casting 40th anniversary

This year, we celebrate 40 years of manufacturing. 40 years providing high-quality, technical solutions to the aluminium injection die-casting industry, with excellent results that have enabled us to grow and develop to where we are today.

2019 is not just another year for Saeta Die Casting.

We are proud to continue to mature and increase our professional knowledge.

A great deal has happened at Saeta Die Casting since it began. We have reached many milestones over the past 40 years, working hard and investing considerable effort to become what we are today.

Today, we want to pay a warm tribute to all those people (staff, customers, suppliers and partners) who, through their hard work, effort and dedication, have made Saeta what it is today: a benchmark in the European aluminium injection sector. Thanks to all of you!

Un poco de historia

Aunque Saeta nace como sociedad en 1958 con una actividad centrada en tratamientos superficiales del aluminio, es en 1979 cuando la compañía se conforma como empresa de fundición de aluminio inyectado. Desde entonces, hemos venido desarrollando nuestro crecimiento invirtiendo no solo en maquinaria, instalaciones y sistemas de alta tecnología, sino también en el desarrollo de nuestros conocimientos y habilidades, llegando a conseguir un know how propio del que estamos orgullosos y en el que nuestros clientes confían plenamente.

Desde nuestros comienzos, la capacidad productiva de la factoría se ha venido incrementando año tras año, incorporando importantes mejoras y ampliaciones tanto en maquinaria como en instalaciones, con lo que hemos logrado un nivel técnico y productivo excelente en nuestros productos.

A brief history

Although Saeta began as a company in 1958 with its activity focused on aluminium surface treatments, it became an aluminium die-casting foundry in 1979. Since then, we have developed our growth through investing not only in machinery, facilities and high-tech systems, but also through developing our knowledge and skills, achieving a unique know-how we are proud of and that our clients trust completely.

Since the beginning, the plant’s production capacity has been increasing year on year, involving major improvement and expansion in both machinery and facilities. As a result, we have achieved excellent technical and production standards in our products.

One of the most significant milestones at Saeta Die Casting, after a major reorganisation in 1999, was our acquisition by the holding company, Grupo INDAL, a leading Spanish business in the international technical lighting sector. Saeta’s full technical and productive capacity comes into its own in the lighting sector, an extremely specialised area with very specific technical requirements.


Our experience has always been to focus on product quality as the key to our business philosophy, aiming for excellence.
Since 2004 we have achieved various certifications accrediting us at the highest level in our commitment to quality.

Dedication to Service

We have always been committed to providing customer service excellence, aiming to offer a comprehensive, efficient and high-quality experience.

To this end, over the past 40 years we have enhanced our main aluminium die-casting activity with a variety of services ranging from the first stage of feasibility analysis in collaboration with our client, overall project management, developing and manufacturing moulds and necessary tools, to the subsequent machining processes and different finishing.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive solution – with quality assured and secure delivery anywhere in the world – to each client’s specific needs.

Our Future

The journey continues. At Saeta Die Casting, we know that we must carry on working, improving and learning to ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest processes and developments in our area of activity, without compromising what we have learned and achieved in the 40 years of our company’s existence.

All that remains is for us to announce our next future milestone: to reach and celebrate our 50th anniversary!
Something that only time, and our hard work, will tell….