We manage the whole productive value chain, so we can provide to our customers fully finished parts, ready to be integrated in your final product.


We understand the requirements of your product and provide solid technical support to your project.

We analyze the feasibility of your design , looking for the best technical and cost saving solutions.

We design the tooling required in order to fulfil all the demanded requirements.



We take care of the design and manufacturing of your mould, supplying reliable and long-lasting tooling that will ensure a continuous and proper supply. We apply filling simulation technology in order to  determine the best mould design and minimize any risk during the manufacturing stage.

Trimming dies 

We are experts in the design, manufacturing and fine tuning of cutting and shaping trim dies and other auxiliary machining tooling.

Machining and control tooling

We design the tooling needed during the machining stage, as well gauges and any other devices needed for the quality control.

Tooling Transfers

We adapt of existing moulds and tooling from other suppliers you might be using currently to our machines.

Die Casting

9 high pression cold chamber injection machines (HPDC), including individual electric maintenance furnaces and fully automatized extraction and demolding robots.

With closing forces between 400Tm till 1600Tm, our injection machines allow us to manufacture a wide range of medium-large size parts.

We are specialists in small-medium batches thanks to our tooling quick change experience.  We can provide solutions covering your flexible needs.

Melting capacity up to 4500 Kg/h. Possible to work with different alloys at the same time.



Aluminium Tons/year




Melting furnaces


Electric maintenance furnace in each manufacturing cell


Our machining capabilities include 9 CNC machining centers and a wide variety of auxiliary machining units in order to ensure the fulfilment of accuracy, efficiency and quality demanded in our products.

9 machining CNC stations

  • 4 CNC (3 axis)
  • 2 CNC (3+1 axis)
  • 3 CNC (5 axis)

Usage of CAM software for processes programming and machining simulation.


Trimming die

Design of trimming die tooling for cutting and shaping of the parts. Improve uniformity and ensure dimensional requirements without the need of extra machining operations.


From basic to the most demanding finishing degree. Expert hands and robot workstations at your disposal.

Surface finishing

Shotblasting line and  tumbling workstations make possible to achieve a top-quality surface finish.

Other finishing

Special finishing operations  (washing,coating, polishing, etc.) made with full warranty on final quality results.