Audi Used Vehicle Centre in Munich

Luminarias de aluminio inyectado en el Audi Used Vehicle Center en Munich

Design, technology and vanguardism are some of the characteristics that Audi, the prestigious automotive german manufacturer, show in their products. The “Progress through technology” slogan transmits the brand philosophy that is faithfully reflected in their new Used Vehicle Centre in Munich.

The first Audi Used Vehicle Centre opens its doors in Eching, a town placed 18Km north to Munich, where more than 1,000 vehicles are exposed waiting to be acquired by new owners. Such a brand as Audi could not forget their philosophy at any moment, thus all the site is full of cutting edge technology, design and conceptual concepts.
The technological display that the brand wants to transmit is well present not only in both the building and facilities architectural designs, but also in the terminal lighting, where the light plays a main role indoor and outdoor the facility.

LED lighting Technology is essential in modern architectural concepts, where technology, design and sustainability takes shape in cutting edge lighting luminaires that only the most important lighting manufacturers are able to design and produce.

The prestigious lighting company Siteco Osram provided the whole lighting of the Centre, using specific LED lighting fittings.

In this projects Saeta Die Casting supplied the high pression die casting aluminium parts used to produce the Streetlight 10 LED luminaires, installed at 6 metres high in the outdoor areas of the centre, ensuring and outstanding durability and resistance according to Siteco Osram quality levels and to Audi brand premises, ensuring a safe vehicle movement in both the accesses and the parking areas.

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