New machinery. Higher capacity

At Saeta we are experts in manufacturing high quality aluminium die casting parts. But our philosophy is to offer more than “just diecasting parts”.

When a part is extracted from the injection mould, still more additional operations are needed in order to fully fulfil our customer requirements.

One of these phases is the machining. So to say, parts still need more specific operations made by specialized machinery in order to adapt them precisely to the required dimensions and provide all the elements included in the drawings (milling, holes, threads, profiles…).

In order to perform these operations with the quality, accuracy and speed demanded by our customers, it is necessary to evolve and use always state-of-the-art specialized machinery. It is not enough just to make the job, but to do it in an excellence way.

We are also aware on the need of constantly improving our productive capacity. With this in mind the machinery park has increased in one unit every year since 2016, currently counting with 7 advanced CNC stations, which means an increase on capacity of 75% in 2 years.

“Of course these efforts imply very important investments, but we are convinced that this increase in our productive capacity and competitivity is a great move forward on our proposal of offering the manufacturing of the highest quality aluminium diecasting parts ”

Our latest acquisitions on CNC stations include 5-axes capabilities and customized adaptations on our productive needs, thus providing

  • Reduction on tooling change time
  • Significant increase on the machining accuracy and precision
  • Easy to use. No need of high qualified operators
Maquinaria CNC en Saeta

We know that our modern, fast and precise machinery park is not just enough warranty to get high quality products. But the combination of them with our know-how is one of the key reasons why we have become proud leaders on the production of short batches of high pression die casting parts.