Our new Saeta Die Casting website

In accordance to our continuous improvement and evolution framework, we proudly present the new Saeta Die Casting website where we show our activity, specialities and our cutting edge production means, supported by the new corporative image that has been gradually introduced in the previous months.

The new website looks for simplicity and efficiency, as the ideals we want to transmit as a technological company. We bring to life our customer’s ideas and needs in the most ideal way for them, sharing our know-how and expertize in the aluminium high pressure die casting for more than 35 years.

Through the different menus, we show our processes and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our technical and human means. All of them at your disposal in order to achieve a fully finish product, ready to be directly used in your productive process.

Our customers are top companies demanding the highest quality finish and warranty related to the durability and fidelity in their products characteristics

In the Activity Sectors section, you can find galleries of images with examples of our products used in different industrial markets, from lighting sector to medical or technical furniture markets.

One of the most relevant sections is the Quality one, where we show how we manage our quality processes, from the initial design phase to the final product.

Our quality equipment, including the X-ray test station, the dimensional analyse equipment, the spectrometer and our quality certification, ensures the best optimum results to successfully achieve the expected quality level in your products.

Our commitment to the environment

In this section we describe the initiatives implemented to minimize the effects of our manufacturing process to the environment.

We also include a News section where we will share all our news and other relevant communications.

And finally, in the Contact section you will able to locate our factory in the city of Valladolid (Spain), and forward any request by specific form that will be replied at earliest opportunity.

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