Smart Warehouse at Saeta

Almacén inteligente en Saeta

A place for everything and everything in its place.

This old premise is the fundamental base for proper management on any warehousing system. However, this simple and effective topic may not be easy to reach when there are thousands of “things” to organize, store, locate and distribute at any moment.

In a connected world, where digitalization is synonym of control and speed among other benefits, Saeta could not allow not implementing this evolution in the way we managed our warehouses.

Only a few months ago, the scenario concerning Saeta warehousing system was far away from what it could be considered optimum management practices. “Old style” warehousing and a progressive increase in space needs just overcame our needs and ambitions, and therefore it was completely necessary to implement a smart warehouse system.

We needed to control the status of each part, its exact location at the warehouse, to get accurate knowledge of the stock levels…and all this 100%

Pistola lectura laser en almacén inteligente de Saeta

The project started by the end of 2017 and since them the requested infrastructure was developed, including:

  • Specific smart software
  • Wifi Tablets
  • Laser Scanners
  • Forklift adaptions

After an implementation period completed in only 5 months starting from zero, the smart warehouse system is now fully operative, covering several warehouses including work in progress products and final expeditions area.

“Implementation of automatized warehousing processes generates clear and quick benefits. A future second phase is expected to be developed, integrating both smart warehousing and ERP systems, and thus improving efficiency and optimizing the transport documents needed.”

Benefits achieved

  • Warehouse fully under control, from creation of manufacturing orders till final dispatch of goods to customer

  • Online inventory detailed and in real time for each warehouse area

  • Great reduction on time and material location

  • Reduction on delivery time

This smart warehouse system is not just another internal management tool, but also means a great advance in terms on product delivery quality, reducing the timing and possible distribution errors, generating benefits that currently we can already see.