Spectrometry of materials

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In the design of each die-cast aluminium part there is an engineering feature that directly influences the ability of the part to function effectively in the application for which it has been designed. This feature is the exact alloy with which that part will be die-cast.

At Saeta, we fully understand each alloy and its characteristics. We know that any small change in the percentage of alloyed components may lead to significant changes in the behaviour of the final part.

In die-casting aluminium parts, we must ensure that the selected alloy is maintained throughout the process and so we need tools to determine the components we are using at all times.

Within our 2019 investment plan to upgrade equipment and improve capacity and services, Saeta has acquired a new spectrometer for metal analysis which will ensure that each injected batch contains exactly the same components, thus ensuring stability in the characteristics and specifications of each part.

What is spectrometry?

This technique is based on measuring the properties of light when it interacts with matter. Each material interacts differently with light, absorbing part of the spectrum. Using a metal analyser to exploit this property, we can determine very precisely the component materials in a sample of the alloy we are using in each batch.

At Saeta, we analyse a sample of the material we receive from our suppliers, and we also sample at each part of the process up to the end product. This ensures that the alloy remains unchanged, guaranteeing the quality of the product from the beginning to the end of the process.

Improvements obtained with the incorporation of the new spectrometry equipment

  • Increased precision. More advanced technology, ensuring the quality of sparking and guaranteeing correct measurement.
  • Quicker start-up and analysis.
  • Electronic data records.
  • Internal corrections with analysis patterns.
  • Manufacturer’s preventive maintenance and calibration plan.
  • Reduced energy consumption.