State-of-the-art x-ray technology for our quality control

Control de calidad por Rayos X

Quality control using state-of-the-art X ray techniques consists in running non-invasive tests which allows observation of die casting inner materials without altering their properties.

Quality control is a fundamental part of any industrial manufacturing process. Measurements, actions, processes and tools that are used in quality control processes ensure that finished goods fulfil the required design parameters of accuracy, resistance, safety and finishing.

In our high pression aluminium die casting industrial process, different quality controls are applied to all the manufactured batches. In the past, some of these controls might have resulted in the degradation or even the destruction of the parts during the process. This was because it was necessary to cut the piece open to view internally the condition of the aluminium material. Furthermore, this cut could only partially ensure the results, as there may have been other areas of the part that contained failures but were impossible to detect.

Simbolo radiación

Nevertheless, the implementation of state-of-the-art x ray technology in our quality control process is providing a significant number of advantages, allowing us to achieve:

  • Huge savings on quality processing time for each part.
  • Significant reduction in the rejection rate of manufactured pieces.
  • Continuous technical learning about behaviour of injected material under different conditions.
Reduccion de tiempo 70%
Reduccion de piezas rechazadas 60%
Instalación de rayos x de última generación en Saeta

These improvements lead us to a significant increase in the final quality of our product, allowing to fulfil with complete reliability not only the most exigent automotive standards but also any other requirements in other sectors demanding high quality levels.

¿Cómo se lleva a cabo el control?

How do we perform this control?

In accordance to each customer requirement, a specific quality plan for each product is designed.

Our quality inspectors search for possible failures based on a given number of parameters defined by the customer, in accordance with national and international standards valid for each case.

During the manufacturing process and with a specific determined frequency, several parts are selected and subjected to rigorous analysis, including not only the specific checking of surface finishing and dimensional parameters, but also verification using our x ray equipment. Several high-resolution pictures of the interior of the parts are taken, allowing us to view the possible appearance of pores, air bubbles, unexpected traces in the casted alloy flow, weak areas and critical points in the parts.

Pieza defectuosa en rayos X
X ray image of a part including die casting defects, air bubbles in this case.
Once specific injection parameters have been corrected, the image shows a part with no defects.

In this way it is possible to correct and update the injection parameters, modifying values like mould temperature, alloy temperature, injection speed, etc.

Finally, all the pictures are securely stored in a database, ensuring full manufacturing traceability and providing a consistent quality level for the whole manufactured batch.

By analysing the collected data for each customer, valuable knowledge about the behaviour of the material and the optimum parameters of the aluminium die casting process are known. This information adds value and enhances our already extensive know how.

X Ray and safety


  • The complete x ray inspection process is made inside an armoured chamber protected against radiation
  • The intensity of radiation dose in a perimeter 0,1m around the equipment is never higher than 1 µSv/h


Nuestro eOur equipment has been approved by the specific government office (Dirección General de Política Energética y Minas)


Persons in charge of this equipment have been accordingly trained so they can use this equipment safety.

Waste treatment

Correcto trataProper treatment of radioactive material at the end of its life is ensured following the corresponding standards and protocols.

Ante todo seguridad

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